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Wafer Cakes

inspiration comes from anywhere

Writings and Musing of j-chan
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[Under Construction]

This is the community journal where j-chan posts all her stories. More coming soon.

Allon Marcus Elnathan Benaich

Dusk Comes Dawn
[on hold] After Suguru's brush with death, he must come to the realization that his life will forever be changed. Faced with a deadly prophecy, he must overcome challenges and fight with an enemy he knows nothing about, but Yuki Eiri does. [multipairing]

Measure Fifty, Beat Three
50 stories featuring the RyuichiTatsuhaSuguru pairing. Done for a _50gravi_ and will contain 50 fics.

Other Fiction

There are currently no Beta Readers. If you would like to become a Beta Reader, contact j-chan below.


Official NaNoWriMo 2006 Winner

FanFiction.net: mortenavida

Gurabiteshiyon.net: jchan



email: the1jchan@gmail.com